Testimonial from Jason Smith, Creative Director at UNLTD_XYZ

Before setting up UNLTD_XYZ in 2011, I engaged Simon’s help for a period of time in a previous business venture in 2009 to advise and help us plan and implement a strategy to develop the business, which worked very well. 

We kept in touch over the years and I reached a point in 2018 with UNLTD_XYZ where I felt the need for some external perspective on how to take the business forward. I turned to Simon as a consultant and sounding board to help me shape and structure the business for the next stage of growth.  

Simon came on board in a part-time commercial role to UNLTD_XYZ and quickly became an integral part of the team, working with us for 2 years up until Aug 2020. His involvement brought a wealth of complementary experience into UNLTD_XYZ, working closely with me right across the business to further enhance best practices and to help shape and implement a strategic plan for growth. 

Initially, we defined the business objectives and reviewed the financial position. Simon then led the development of our brand proposition and a new website and we planned the necessary resources to help shape a strategy and implement a tactical plan for developing the business in areas of interest that also represented tangible opportunity for future growth. 

By March 2020, my team had quadrupled in size and we were progressing well, then Covid-19 got in the way and disrupted our plan. However, through the pandemic we managed to continue working on the business together, constructively planning ahead.

Simon is a professional, dedicated and strategic mentor with the ability to work both ON and IN the business with me. He has been a pleasure to work with over the years, and I’ve engaged his valuable support again, since the pandemic, to help me reset my business goals and direction.”

Jason Smith – Creative Director, UNLTD_XYZ