Hello and welcome to my blog, teer on design.

teer is a business growth consultancy I started in 2002 to mentor and coach; start-ups, early-growth stage and established design firms.


I’ve worked with some great designers since the mid 80s, but I’ve experienced many to be somewhat ‘reactive’ in their work-behaviours outside of fee-paying client projects. This I saw as an opportunity to help them improve, and gave me a reason and a purpose for starting teer – to understand their challenges and to help shape and influence behaviours that drive designers to lead a more ‘proactive’ work life.

Having proactivity as the driving behavioural characteristic at the core of your agency can enable greater control of your future, and allow designers to fulfil their own potential and purpose. An exemplary outcome of this is seeing designers ‘lead’ clients more so, as a true partner, and not being led so much by them.

Proactive Working is a mindset, a culture and my mantra in providing consultancy, mentoring and coaching services to designers.

What I do

Having clearly understood at what stage each firm exists in the business life cycle, I work with owner-founders and leaders through a mix of 1:1 consultancy, mentoring and coaching to help them to; clarify and shape objectives, and realise potential. Working closely together, we explore behaviours and attitudes, we identify goals and understand internal and external perceptions, we craft value propositions and shape activities that help maintain and develop businesses.
Location permitting, I work right alongside my clients to help build trust, to become part of the team, and to feel the genuine pulse of the company.

Marketing: Business growth, client retention and development, strategy and planning
People: Coaching, mentoring, roles and responsibilities
Business Processes: Business strategy and planning, business diagnostics
Financial Planning: Performance and efficiency

I bring that critical external perspective, valuable industry insights and practical objective guidance to support, challenge, motivate and facilitate such areas as;

  • the exploration and implementation of a proactive-working behaviour and culture,
  • the introduction of innovative and progressive business growth initiatives,
  • tackling day-to-day business issues and challenges,
  • changing founder / owner / team mindsets, and more.


What’s special about teer is captured in some client testimonials.

I also hear from clients that the value of engaging teer is the ‘understanding and perspective’ that comes from working with many great designers – helping them to; explore and shape their purpose, become more proactive, make valuable business connections and build tangible value.

Alongside client testimonials, we have a track record and evidence of success to demonstrate our value.


There’s a wealth of free resources and many great trainers and consultants in the market offering strategic guidance/planning and marketing/business development services to the many resource-stretched small firms in the design industry. But there are few, like teer, that combine the theory (strategic thinking and planning) with practical ‘hands-on’ delivery and implementation (the doing!). I’m an adviser and a doer. And I make myself accountable by frequently working alongside clients in putting a strategic plan for growth to work.

When we become focused, explore and go the extra mile, we are generally rewarded. We discover space that’s rarely crowded, and we get to know more of ourselves. I’m a great believer that the more a business demonstrates that it really knows itself and its value to others, the more easily it will be understood, will elevate its standing and make the right connections.

How would I describe myself?

Proactive, ideas-led, motivational, diligent, affable, authentic.

What am I passionate about?

My wife Lisa (who frequently refers to me as Mr Continuous Improvement) and my son Ellis. I admire true innovation and like challenging conventions to make things better. I enjoy contemporary buildings, distinctive household furniture, golf, cycling and running.

What’s ahead?

I’ve worked with many talented people, and have learnt a great deal about designers and what makes them tick. I look forward to more of the same – harnessing my experience to support designers that are looking to improve themselves and make their mark in the industry.

Simon Teer