Most companies have quite individual needs, varying resources and capacity for driving growth.

My involvement with any one company might therefore be required in a short-term consultative or troubleshooting role, or in a more long-term contractual engagement that builds and manages a programme of activity.

Strategic Business Growth

Non-executive coach / mentor role brings industry experience and practical guidance – facilitation of business development ideas and activities, tackling day-to-day business issues and challenges, exploring growth options, changing mindsets, and much more.

Bespoke Initiatives and Assignments

Together, we plan initiatives and establish a programme that is shaped to address and build around company-specific interests, experience, challenges and growth objectives.

– Business / Marketing Strategy Appraisal
– Positioning and Value-Proposition Appraisal / Development
– Behaviours / Culture Appraisal
– Proactive Working
– Client Retention and Development
– Collaborative Working and Network Development
– Applied Metrics (Measurement / Project Outcomes)
– Remuneration Models
– Interviews (i.e. Clients past and present / Staff / Stakeholders / Partners and Collaborators)
– Research / Surveys (i.e. Clients / Market Sector / Competitors / New Client Prospects)
– CRM / Database Management
– Content-Marketing Strategy / Planning
– General Business Appraisal (Fees, Proposals, Credentials, Pitch Policy, etc)

Integral to all this is building a business that stands out in the crowd.

Establishing a reputation that builds around behaviours, outlook, work-process, methods of remuneration or other special qualities / attributes that define the value-proposition.

We know that client relationships can be fickle things, as can relationships with staff. Key therefore to building a business of tangible value is finding ways to lock-in valued clients and shape a working environment / culture that; allows individuals genuine opportunity to grow, instills loyalty, and most importantly, retains talented and committed people as the company grows.