What inspired you to start your firm?

My reason and purpose (the ‘why’) for starting teer was this…

I’ve worked with some great designers since the mid 80s, yet I experienced many to be somewhat ‘reactive’ in their work-behaviours outside of fee-paying client projects. I saw this as an opportunity to help them change. It gave me a reason and a purpose for starting teer – to understand their challenges and to help shape and influence behaviours that drive designers to lead a more ‘proactive’ work life.

Having proactivity as the driving behavioural characteristic at the core of your agency can enable greater control of your future, and allow designers to fulfil their own potential and purpose. One exemplary outcome of this could be to ‘lead’ clients more so, as a true partner, and not be led so much by them.

Proactive Working is a mindset, a culture and remains a key driver in how I work with designers.

Simon Teer
Business Growth Specialist for Designers