Articulating where and how we add value

Value creation is the primary aim of any business entity and arguably the single most important communication of ourselves. Yet many creative firms struggle with understanding for themselves and clearly defining the value of what they do for clients.

Akin to my piece on Positioning oneself as an Expert, in which I question whether being an ‘expert’ is something that one should declare of oneself, should we be defining our own value?

Obvious maybe, but our true value is often revealed and most truthfully told by our clients and customers through authentic testimonials and reviews. After all, they have the experiences of working with you, so allow them to speak for you.

The power and growing use of customer reviews clearly demonstrates how we naturally gravitate towards being informed, reassured and persuaded (or otherwise) by customer reviews before making those all-important purchases.

In the minds of your clients, your true value can of course be several things that are experienced by and apparent in your culture, behaviours and your approach to what you do. Your value may not be one singular thing, and may not be clearly understood if you’re not in the habit of gathering client feedback.

So in the words of my clients, and to practice what I preach, here’s where and how I add value.



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