Lead generation services must not exclude freelancers

Design Week | Opinion | 18 May 2006

As a business development consultant working with small- and medium-sized design groups, I use lead generation services to help me identify opportunities for my clients. 

Recently, I tried to subscribe to a well-respected service on behalf of a new client, but was turned away on the basis that I work with more than one consultancy and could potentially ‘share’ information with my other clients.

This ‘subscription sharing’ forced the service to protect itself by preventing freelance new business people from subscribing.

I’ve since learnt that other lead generation-based services targeting the design industry also experience malpractice by some users of their service.

Action has to be taken to safeguard the interests of these services. However, it seems to me that they also need to introduce more intelligent measures to address the problem – as opposed to operating a blanket policy that closes the door on those who don’t abuse their services.