Role Model #1 – Good

teer Role Models has been introduced to emphasise the importance of finding effective ways to communicate with and nurture our contacts and potential new clients on the new business journey.

Nurturing in a meaningful and constructive way is a balance between the right level of contact and having something of value and relevance to share.

In a time starved world, communicating brief insights on those we see in our industry that serve as role models – whether for their behaviours, actions, tools, intellectual property they create, etc – is one way of constructively expressing ourselves, communicating some value, standing out, and building positive perceptions.

Driven as-and-when by observations, inspiration and day-to-day experiences, teer Role Models can evoke thoughts, provide useful guidance, and become a valuable tool from a new business perspective. Designers may want to consider how to apply this thinking in their own outreach.

I’ve chosen strategic design agency Good to kick-start teer Role Models which will aim to become a regular feature for designers.

Role Model #1 – Good

So how do designers demonstrate or explain the value of design, that Achilles heel and well-trodden road?

For me, Good takes the best possible approach to demonstrating the value of design and presenting their work for clients, by allowing some tangible ‘facts and figures’ to figure prominently in their case studies. Explicit evidence of the positive impact their work has had on their clients’ business.

Actually, a great website overall…clear positioning and persuasive tone of voice. Long may Good maintain this focus on how they present their story, and the value of design.

Refs: Outcomes at the outset


  1. Julien Hadley

    Really like this. Good example of communicating in a nice clean graphical way… Like Good.