Claim up to 33% of your innovation costs

You’ll probably know that the UK Government is keen to promote R&D investment to encourage economic growth – one way this is being tackled is thorough R&D tax credits whereby you can potentially claim back up to 33% of your innovation costs.

Most agencies that are eligible are in the habit of submitting claims as and when the nature of their work allows. However, I’m discovering that some agencies are unaware, so I’m making some enquiries on behalf of two firms that assess and often successfully process R&D Tax Credit claims to HMRC.

Claim values for some agencies can make a significant difference, and every penny counts in these difficult times! 

One of the two firms I’m making enquiries for has, for 20 years, specialised in Product Development offering; R&D, Engineering/Industrial Design, Prototyping, Patent Box and R&D Tax Credits and Rendering/Animation. Very knowledgeable guys that are working closely with designers that need advice and representation in this area.

Very recently, I referred a client of mine as they were unaware they would be eligible, and quite a significant claim has just gone through for them for the last two tax years. If you are in the habit of claiming, I would be interested to hear what % of successful claims you might be paying to whoever handles your claims? Maybe your accountants handle this for you, or you may submit these claims direct with HMRC yourself and not pay anyone else?

Please do get in touch by email [email protected] or call 07957 627052 if you’d like to talk this through.