Augmented Reality for my client: Future Fires

A recent development I’ve organised for my client Future Fires – moving their beautifully contemporary wood burning stoves into the Augmented Reality space…

Thinking of buying one of our wood burning stoves but having trouble imagining what it will look like in your home?

Using the free Android and iPhone app Sayduck, you can now view a 3D model of our Panoramic FX1, Panoramic FX2 and Bollente stoves, in your choice of our six standard colours. Sayduck is free, easy to use, great fun and helps you instantly visualise whether our stoves will be a good fit and how they’ll look in your home before you buy one.

Download the app and give it a go…

Get Sayduck on the App Store here http://apple.co/1W2nr66

Get Sayduck on Google Play here