A view through the client lens

Brief extracts from a recent talk by John Gleason from ‘A Better View Strategic Consulting’ (formerly 20 years at P&G)

Client challenges:
Speed (to market)
Scale (desire/need to grow…’being bigger is better’ thinking)
Innovation (rarely delivered, more an aspiration)
Value (demonstrating/seeing this clearly for their company, and cost containment)

Agency pointers:
Engage your whole team.
Try to reveal/show/explain clearly how clients will experience your process.
Client lists (whether written or often presenting the client’s logo)….what does this tell a prospective client about your role/achievement/s for those companies – ROI?). Client logos can look impressive but they tell nothing.
Don’t try and be ‘all things’ or a one-stop-shop!
Agency awards don’t ‘buy’ clients.
Articulate what the client will ‘experience’ in working with you, and the reason/s to trial you.
Declare; Who you are, What you do, Why you’re a good fit for the client, What makes you the expert.
Your ability/credentials in the context of the client’s business.
Have a point of view – don’t be afraid to say what you really think.
Be bold and memorable! Believe that ‘fortune favours the brave’.
Larger clients generally seek focused/specialist external consultancy/expertise.
Be critical and challenge yourselves. Ask yourself ‘so what’ to the explanations you give and the way you present yourselves/your information.

To conclude:
Be a great brand / specialist.
Stand for something specific.
How you behave – does it make you stand out? Know this about yourselves – declare it loud and clearly!
Stop stating the obvious that every other agency is stating – clients are fed up with hearing all this.
Know your prospects – show this, do your research!
Who are we? What do we do? Why are we right for you? Make sure all this is relevant to the prospect!
Who are your competitors and why you’re better. Is what you offer what the prospect actually needs?
Learn how to say ‘no’ and walk away when necessary. You have more power / control than you think.
Plan, Practice, Prepare!
Everything is negotiable….provided your ‘advantages’ stack up favourably against the competition!
Become the client, and continually ask yourself…..so what?