2012 Olympics Wayfinding Designer joins my client CCD

Chris Girling, one of the UK’s top wayfinding design experts and lead wayfinding designer for the London 2012 Games, is joining CCD Design and Ergonomics to drive the agency’s wayfinding offer.

At LOCOG (the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games), Chris was lead wayfinding designer, responsible for the design and delivery of the London 2012 wayfinding and signage kit of parts. He worked with senior management designing a wayfinding and signage strategy for all competition and non-competition venues including the Olympic Park Common Domain, the Olympic Village and the Media Broadcast Centre.  His work included the creation of a comprehensive set of guidelines detailing every aspect of the design and products required for games time.

In addition he was responsible for the delivery of the wayfinding and signage for a number of competition venues within the Olympic Park, such as the Velodrome, BMX, Basketball and Eton Manor….more.